Discover how you can buy UK property at 47% below market value and 3X your money in 10 years… without ever lifting a finger.

This may sound too good to be true, but in fact it is 100% genuine. Read on to learn how the strategy works and why savvy investors are moving in fast!

It’s widely accepted that UK property investments are one of the world’s best 'safe haven' asset classes.

However, with recent Section 24 tax changes, ever increasing regulations on landlords, ever growing tenant rights and tighter mortgage criteria it’s time to…

ReThink Property Investing!

Welcome to Long-Term-Tenant property investment strategy – the ultimate alternate solution to the increasingly difficult, expensive, and risky Buy-2-Let property market.

Investment Headlines

  • 10 year investment into existing UK residential property.
  • Average 47% BMV entry point.
  • 3X return.
  • Minimum £50K. Maximum £10M.
  • Each £100K invested will return £300K.
  • Clients can exit early but this may result in a lower return.

Here’s how it works…

1). 3X your investment over 10 years

You get to purchase UK property with an average 47% discount against the RICS valuation price. This up-front genuine discount combined with a modest 4% annual price growth projection means each £100K invested turns into circa £300k over 10 years i.e. 3X in 10 years.

2). Matching investors and tenants together

The strategy matches long-term investors with long-term elderly tenants, aged 72 on average:

  • The investor pays on average 53% of the property price.
  • The tenant pays the other 47% in the form of advance rent.
  • The investor is the registered owner with the Land Registry.

3). Key Benefits:

  • Pre-packaged property and tenant supplied together.
  • The tenant pays on average 12 years rent in advance.
  • NO rental voids, NO late payments, NO bad debts, NO evictions​.
  • NO letting agency fees.
  • NO stamp duty, NO income tax​.
  • NO building work, NO refurbishment costs.
  • NO decorating, curtain, carpet or furniture costs​.
  • NO maintenance and repair costs.
  • NO insurance or safety inspection costs​.

4). How do the numbers work?

Illustrative property deal:

  • £200,000 property.​
  • Investor pays £106,000 (47% discount).
  • Property value after 10 years = £296,049 (based on a modest 4% annual price growth).​
  • Profit = £190,049 = 180% ROI = 18% annualised.

5). How much do the investments cost?

Investment prices range from as little as £50,000 up to £250,000

6). Where are the Properties?

  • Most are in the south east and on the south coast of the UK.
  • There is strong demand for property in these areas and solid economic fundamentals which support positive price growth.
  • These areas have seen an average 8% annual price growth over the last 10 years.
  • Our projections are based on a modest 4% growth.

7). What happens at the end of the tenancy?

The average tenancy lasts 10 years, after which the owner can:

  • Sell the property.
  • Rent it out.
  • Move into it.
  • Gift the property as part of IHT planning.

N.B. investments can be re-sold before the end of the tenancy period.

8). How much effort is required from the investor?

Long-Term-Tenant is a fully managed ‘armchair’ investment with literally nothing for the investor to do other than enjoy the impressive returns

9). Who is purchasing these investments?

Savvy investors who want…

  • A better return on their cash in the bank.
  • A safer asset class than the financial markets.
  • To build wealth in UK property.
  • To self-invest their pensions.
  • To purchase property investments for their children and grandchildren.

10). Why have I not heard of this strategy before?

The strategy has been operating for over 40 years and thousand's of property investments have been successfully purchased this way. Since Section 24 tax changes the strategy has become a lot more appealing and is now being promoted as a retail investment opportunity. Prior to this, these investments were only offered to the banks and financial institutions who bought them for their own balance sheets.

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